Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Solve Computer Related Problems without Hiring Any Technician or Professional Help

There is a notion among many computer users that viruses cause Mal-functions in a computer system. There are various other reasons that may slow-down your computer or bring a halt in a system. Issues such as registry, hard drive errors or other software related problems can generate these kinds of issues. This has given a birth of a concept; diagnose computer problems in the IT world. There are various ways to get it – either in your own or by hiring a professional help. Here, we are going to discuss the way of diagnosis a computer without paying any money.

Microsoft Fix It :

                                 a) Go to the website of Microsoft Fix it & review buttons under “Select a problem area”. There are various buttons such as Windows, Top Solutions, Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer.  

                                 b) Choose category according to your choices in section two. For instance, if you click “Internet Explorer” then you will get different tabs written as “Fix Performance, Page Display, Errors or Crashes”. Each solution assigned to a particular problem. 

computer problem diagnosis

                                 c) Now click “Run Now” button to start the troubleshoot procedure. Now, click the “Save-File” button to save the troubleshooting file to load it in your hard-drive. Now, double-click that file to launch the troubleshoot program.

                                 d)The next step is to click the “Accept” button in order to download additional software required to perform the task. Now, click the "Detect problems and let me select prefixes to apply" to start the scan process in your system. If there is any problem, a check-box will appear with problems.

                                 e) Now, click “Next” button to repair the issues. 

The above mentioned procedure is considered as the most feasible way to diagnosing computer related problems sitting at your home. However, if the problems are really grave then you can seek for professional help. And Urgent Tech Help is a renowned tech-support company that offers remote tech support related with this problems.